Cefdinir Decarboxy Open Ring Lactone (Mixture of A and B)
Product Code Ax-IMP099
CAS Number 178949-04-7
Molecular Formula C13H15N5O4S2
Molecular Weight 369.41
Product Code Ax-IMP098
CAS Number 178601-88-2
Molecular Formula C14H13N5O5S2
Molecular Weight 395.41
Cefdinir Glyoxalic Analog
Product Code Ax-IMP097
CAS Number 79350-14-4
Molecular Formula C14H12N4O5S2
Molecular Weight 380.4
Cedinir Isoxazole Analog
Product Code Ax-IMP096
CAS Number NA
Molecular Formula C13H11N3O6S
Molecular Weight 337.31
Cefdinir Lactone
Product Code Ax-IMP095
CAS Number 946573-41-7
Molecular Formula C14H13N5O5S2
Molecular Weight 395.41
Product Code Ax-IMP094
CAS Number 178601-89-3
Molecular Formula C14H13N5O5S2
Molecular Weight 395.41
3-Methyl Cefdinir
Product Code Ax-IMP093
CAS Number 71091-93-5
Molecular Formula C13H13N5O5S2
Molecular Weight 383.4
Cefdinir thiazine analog
Product Code Ax-IMP092
CAS Number 178422-39-4
Molecular Formula C14H15N5O6S2
Molecular Weight 413.42
Cefdinir sulfoxide
Product Code Ax-IMP091
CAS Number 934986-48-8
Molecular Formula C14H13N5O6S2
Molecular Weight 411.41
Cefdinir Thiazolylacetyl Glycine Oxime Acetal
Product Code Ax-IMP090
CAS Number 178422-40-7
Molecular Formula C7H10N4O4S
Molecular Weight 246.24