Library Synthesis

Library Synthesis service with a perfect blend of speed & high success rate.

Anax Laboratories has more than 10 years of experience in library synthesis of compounds and custom synthesis services, having produced both target focused and diverse libraries of compounds.

Delivered hundreds of libraries, with sizes ranging from 30 to 1000 compounds, with clients from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, animal health, and other associated industries.

High-quality, cost-effective custom library synthesis services

We have an excellent infrastructure to support library synthesis.

Our laboratories are well equipped with all necessary latest instruments to deliver the best with fast turnaround time.

Our Capabilities
  • Production capability of delivering more than 10,000 compounds per year
  • Strong capability in route validation & implementing new-fangled technics
  • Computational aided library design approach
  • Molecular Tailoring Approach  
  • Prep and isolations techniques for achieving purer compounds
  • Agile Project Management for fast library compounds delivery

High proficiency in designing, planning and executing libraries synthesis.