Synthetic Chemistry

Our strength & specialization in the synthesis of complex chemical entities to meet your advanced drug discovery programs

Anax Lab has proven record of accomplishments in synthesizing high quality compounds at rapid speed. Our skills are the best in tackling complex synthetic routes with different approaches. Anax Lab offers a vast range of synthetic chemistry services through an experienced scientific team and equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. We support in diverse synthetic and drug discovery needs of innovator biotech’s and pharma companies across the globe.

  • Supporting highly exploratory and complex synthesis.
  • We craft the most effective route for the synthesis of novel/complex compounds, for various drug discovery projects.
  • Delivering process-friendly, cost-effective, and timely solutions to meet the needs of clients.
  • Talented and skilled scientific team with diverse and domain specific knowledge of chemistry
  • Experienced to accelerate medicinal chemistry program – Target to Hit, Hit to lead and Lead optimization.
  • Robust IP protection and strategic planning

Anax lab is Ideal partner for your synthetic and medicinal chemistry services

We have a diverse synthetic experienced team ranging across

Focused library synthesis Scaffold analoging Stereo-selective synthesis
Building blocks Reference compounds Heterocyclic chemistry
Natural product synthesis Impurities & metabolite Route scouting
Early Process R&D Computational chemistry Computer-aided drug design (CADD)

Dedicated facility to support synthesis from gm to kg scale.

Diverse clients: start-ups, medium & large pharma, innovator biotech’s

Since 2012, we are consistently delivering high quality and value-added chemistry solutions for life sciences, agro, Cosmetics and material industry.

Agile project management and communication