Genotoxic assessment of your compounds

Anax Labs Genotoxicity services utilizes modern and approved Insilico assessment approach

Genotoxicity Assessment of drug substance, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ), key starting materials and intermediates

ICH-M7 guidelines adhering expert review for risk analysis and classification.

Our Genotoxicity service, marking a key element of our clients' pre-clinical studies, assessment & control of mutagenic risks.

Insilico Genotoxicity Assessment Flow
Genotoxicity Assessment Flow
  • Planning of study
  • Structure and complete scheme analysis
  • Virtual screening tools for predicting toxicity from chemical structure alone.
  • Derek Nexus assessment
  • TOPKAT, Toxtree & MCASE assessment
  • Structural alert analysis and review
  • Assessment and Reporting as per ICH-M7 guidelines





In silico prediction of genotoxicity using machine learning methods and structural alerts