Medicinal Chemistry

Accelerate your integrated drug discovery programs

  • Our Medicinal chemistry team has vast expertise in steering the new drug discovery projects and generate IP secured drug candidates 
  • Boosted by Computational team and machine learning, artificial intelligence.
  • Proven record of accomplishment in completing projects from concept to hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization and candidate selection.
  • SAR, QSAR tools and database to support medicinal chemistry projects.

We provide:

  • Hit selection process
  • Hit to lead chemistry
  • Hit identification and validation
  • Candidate selection
  • Lead identification and optimization
  • Library assessment on drug like molecule

Library Design and Synthesis

Anax Laboratories’ library synthesis service delivers targeted list of drug-like compounds.

We are well capable in deploying various state-of the-art instruments and techniques, delivered many chemical libraries series, ranging from 10 to 150 compounds having major synthetic and structural complexity.

Our Computational chemistry experts always complements synthetic chemists in library design and listing process.

Medicinal chemistry & Analytical Chemistry

Strong strengths in method development, isolation and structure elucidation of chiral and achiral compounds with complete elucidation and characterization, with wide range of analytical instruments. 

We have a strong record of accomplishment of having successfully delivered preclinical and clinical candidates in collaboration with clients. Our experience in therapeutic areas such as oncology, central nervous system, metabolic disorder, pain, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders among others.


Our expertise team optimizes hits and identifies the most likely active compounds to headway to the lead optimization stage.

Our Hit-to-Lead capabilities include:

  • High-throughput synthesis of hit expansion
  • Study and conclusion of hits for potency, selectivity, and drug-likeness
  • Computational chemistry backing the bone of Conventional design of novel analogs with early absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion properties
  • Route scouting and focused library synthesis
  • Screening of compounds for optimization
Lead Optimization

Using the identified lead compound from the hit-to-lead stage, we work on optimizing and evaluating the leads through various screening modes and studies until a suitable and desired preclinical candidate is ready.

Our lead optimization capabilities:

  • Hypothesis design to optimization of hits for desired potency and efficacy
  • optimization of Multi-parameter of lead molecules
  • Optimization studies for potency, selectivity, in vivo efficacy, safety and toxicity profile
  • Early scale-up of molecules to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
  • Selection of preclinical candidates